If Jedi : 35% Stun + 35% Ability Block (1t) 6: Single Spec Dmg + 40% Stun (1t)/90% if Jedi and 40% Stun (1t) another target: 3: 6: Uniq: 100% chance to Counter + 15% more dmg + 25% chance Atk Gauge Up 40% if attack outside turn <<<>> Information on any specifics that may be important to know such as ability order or when not to do an ability. Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 25% chance to reduce Jedi Consular's Cooldowns by 1. Negotiator puts up Republic Protection. Deal Special damage to target enemy and recover Health equal to 30% of the damage dealt. } When possible, do not waste and credits, shards, or time on these losers. Any Faction - Very Low Synergy var gearLvs = ["Gear_1", "Gear_2", "Gear_3", "Gear_4", "Gear_5", "Gear_6", "Gear_7", "Gear_8", "Gear_9", "Gear_10", "Gear_11","Gear_12","Gear_13", "Relic_1", "Relic_2", "Relic_3", "Relic_4", "Relic_5", "Relic_6", "Relic_7", "Relic_8"]; for(i of gearLvs){ document.getElementById(i).style.display = 'none'; First Reinforce with Clone Sergeant. Bring in Plo Koon. Check out info below on how to contact my personal expert on full roster modding! The game was first announced on June 15, 2015 in EA's press conference during the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Example Keep in mind, that healers getting buffed in … The Jedi Consular was never displayed to be more proficient in the use of the Force, nor did they use the Force as a direct weapon in any manner not also practiced by other Jedi. 2019-10-09 08:46 pm. (3 Turn Cooldown), Accelerated units have increased drop quantities. If the assisting ally is a Jedi, they deal 50% more damage.. Level 5Survivor Level 4Jedi Valor Deal Physical Each ally recovers Health equal to 40% of Jedi Consular's Max Health, with a 50% chance of granting Jedi Consular 25% Turn Meter. <<>> Any lore you want to add or just include a link to this characters starwars.fandom.com page. #unit-stat-select{ padding:5px 10px; border:1px solid #000; box-shadow: 0 1px 3px #000; border-radius: 5px;}, Jedi Healing <<>>Image or list of specific character synergy. //Set selected gear level Deal Special damage to target enemy and recover Health equal to 30% of the damage dealt. Arena Rating: Based on role, speed, damage, survival, and utility ratings, depicts relative unsynergized strength of a hero on a relative scale.. Light, Jedi, Support Level 5Inspiring Strike - Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 25% chance to call an ally to Assist. SWGoH Fleet Meta 2020 Breakdown. Light Side - Low Synergy Focusing this video on a G9 Jedi-Consular (without any Omegas) in Tier 6 Sith raid P1 together with dark side toons (no direct synergy)! Paragraph However, their roles in these depictions were changed slightly. 4. This attack has a 50% chance to ignore the target's Armor. Jedi Consular Saber Strike mechanics explanation. Special Level 8 Jedi Consular. Learn more about Revan at https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Revan. The use of the term Jedi Consular was originally limited to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. SWTOR to SWGOH Pt.7 - Jedi Knight - Turning Companions into Heroes One of the most powerful and unique crew of kits so far, it's time for the Jedi Knight companions! Aayla Secura. I'm currently farming ST Han, Boba, Lando, and gonna farm Biggs when I get to level 40, but I don't have any of … Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 25% chance to reduce Jedi Consular's Cooldowns by 1. 2. Details of how to use and mod Jedi Consular within specific teams can be found on the following pages: <<>> Add links to internal or external guides in list format here. Mods are not included in calculations. 3. SWGOH.GG is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney or Lucasfilm LTD. Add 25% chance to reduce all cooldowns by 1 on use, Add 25% chance to gain 25% Turn Meter on use, Add 25% chance to ignore the target's defense, Cantina Battles: Battle 3-A Normal (10 energy). Headquartered in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the capital world of the Galactic Republic, the Council's chamber was located at the top of the Temple's High Council To… (3 Turn Cooldown). //Hide all gear levels Four Potency mods and two Health mods are recommended and are relatively interchangeable for each shape. Under Kira's leadership, this team all shares a tide-turning buff, Resolute. Jedi Consular's Starfighter Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle Millennium Falcon (Ep VII) Phantom II Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter Poe Dameron's X-wing Resistance X-wing Rex's ARC-170 Scimitar Slave I Sun Fac's Geonosian Starfighter Tie Advanced X1 TIE Reaper TIE Silencer … Top up protection while Clone Sergeant Taunts. function changeStats(val){ Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker Lead Synergy: Jedi • Light Side Synergy: Jedi All … SWGoH Cantina Name. Event News & Rumors. Bring in Rex for more Taunt. , All ***** Allies recover 5% health and Protection when they attack out of turn., Add gain Critical hit Immunity for 2 turns, take a Bonus Turn and dispel all debuffs on themself., +5% Tenacity and TM gain whenever a Jedi ally resists a Debuff, Jedi Allies have +30 speed, gain offense equal to 3 times their speed and gain Foresight, All LS allies have +15% CC and CD, doubled for Jedi. Type C-3PO Resistance Imperial TIE Fighter Empire C-3PO Support Jedi Consular's Starfighter Galactic Republic Cad Bane Bounty Hunters Jedi Consular's Starfighter Jedi Cad Bane Dark Side Jedi Consular's … Power 28644; Speed 139; Health 33,353 Saber Strike-Jedi Healing- Basic Ability. This attack has a 50% chance to ignore the target's Armor. Paragraph. General Anakin's kit has been announced.General Anakin is confirmed to unlock at 5* and will require GET1 for more shards. Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 50% chance to reduce Jedi Consular's Cooldowns by 1. Jedi - High Synergy This page was last edited on 4 March 2020, at 03:45. Jedi Consular; Rex's ARC-170; Battle Strategy: 1. Cooldown Reduction - SelfHeal Health - All AlliesTurn Meter Gain - SelfHeal Health - SelfIgnore - Armor. This attack has a 25% chance to ignore the target's Armor.