Hint: I knew you could get past those bothersome Imperials. During the Clone Wars , Mace Windu won a widely publicized victory at the Battle of Dantooine . Try really hard not to travel too far from your companion for too long or they are more likely to teleport / run to you, for example when you go get the EMP. A HUGE tree! Reward: +2 Presence 1.2. Yoda s residence after the fall of the Jedi. Below I have a short description, objectives and a quick guide on how to complete each one of them. You can hover over the Dantooine Preservation Force (Republic) / The Dantooine Initiative (Imperial) name in the list to see how close you are to the next rank, and how many reputation points you have left remaining that you can earn during this week. You can get there with a friend by pushing and pulling each other up (and summoning). This will knock your character back to one of the generators around the room, so be prepared to run back after it explodes. After completing her tour of Alderaan, it was time for Pacis the pacifist Jedi to move on to Balmorra. If you have a lot of spare credits, you can complete this heroic by buying an item inside the instance worth 15 million credits then using it. What I ended up doing was letting my MELEE companion choose their own fate by running up to the walker and then turning the walker away from my companion. May 15, 2019 - Get ready to relive old memories from KOTOR as Dantooine arrives to SWTOR on May 28 with The Dantooine Incursion in Game Update 5.10.3! I'd love to hear it - the best way to let me know is to leave a comment on the corresponding video on YouTube or send me a message on Twitter! Expanse will focus on displaying my Art as a 3D Artist, publishing game reviews, game art and SWTOR Articles. Dantooine. Maps of Dantooine. You get green reputation items from the dailies, blue reputation items from the heroics, and a purple reputation item from the weekly which is worth a ridiculous amount of points compared to the green and blue ones. In today's video we take a further out look into the world of Dantooine, the unexplored world that is! Hint: You’ve made it this far, here’s the last clue. Unless this is Yarvok, in which case you’re still a son of a bantha. Das Areal in dem ihr euch derzeit bewegen könnt, ist jedoch recht klein. Once you aim the orange beam and the center pillar explodes, make sure to look around the room for the safe spot where there is no orange on the ground, where you can stand until it is safe. Pünktlich zum Launch dieser Website erscheint auch die erste Ausgabe unseres neuen deutschen SWTOR-Podcasts, dem SWTOR-Cantina-Talk. You’ll have to bring spare dry clothes and conquer your fear of heights for the next clue. One of the biggest and most blatant credit sinks in the game to date :). This reminds me a little of a certain Ossus achievement. The second datapad is located in a building in the very North West of the map, near the Imperial base. The last item on the list of both vendors is called “Yarvok’s Gratitude”. His purpose is unclear, but you may be rewarded if you can recover the items. They respawn quick if clicked by another player before you and are also marked on the map. Vandar: Yoda wanna be. Spoiler Ikeman78 wrote: For some reason this mod does not work for me. ... SWTOR would appear to have mainly haters or loads of criticism lately but Bioware brought that on themselves. I left the first clue in the farm building where we hid from the Imperials during one of the raids. Dantooine Tree (Small) – Rank: Newcomer – 6 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes, Freshly Plowed Soil – Rank: Newcomer – 6 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes. Ok so, for some reason when I arrived into the undercity on Taris, there were these weird black lines that stretched across the area, and they didn't appear in any other part of Taris, but they did make the game lag quite a bit and were an overall nuisance. When the count reaches 10, a debuff appears on your character stating “This does not bode well”. The cages are found in the middle of the map and around the southern farms. Below I have marked all ten locations on the map. Make your way to the Nova Blade hideout on Dantooine. There was an equatorial one that was connected to a larger northern one and a south polar one by slender land bridges, as well as a disconnected north-eastern continent. Let’s not forget the rewards! A couple of seconds later you are blasted away, one-shoted and one achievement richer. 3. share. If you are a melee character, occasionally your ranged companion will teleport itself right beside you, so you will need to put them on Passive, run away with them, then turn passive off, and go back to attacking the walker. There are five datacron located on the Republiccapital of Coruscant. This is the mission you are given when you first start the event. By using multiple characters, you won’t be limited to how many Dantooine quests you run, or to how many Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes you earn, but you will still be gated by how many reputation points you can earn – you can only earn a hard limit of about 17,500 in Dantooine reputation in a week. There’s also a daily quest completion mission to pick up on the missions board, a series of normal daily quests, and three heroic quests from nearby questgivers on Dantooine. 1. As this is the Republic capital city, for now these Datacrons are only available to Republic players. The fourth datapad is located partway down the cliff facing the ruined Jedi Temple. By far the coolest decoration offered for the Dantooine event. It will cost you 150 million credits to complete. His daughter was killed by Mandalorian Raiders and asks for you help in avenging her death. Most of these you will receive by just entering a certain area. Check the mission board and help where you can in the Republic’s efforts to repel the marauding Nova Blades. Dantooine-inspired Stronghold Decorations Finally, the Relics of the Gree event takes place from January 28 – February 4 for level 50+ players. Zhar: Former master of Revan. This treasure hunt achievement can be started by finding the extremely hidden D. Suffy’s Note blue glowing datapad that’s deeply hidden in the grass around the two medium sized Blba trees growing near the collapsed well, which is near a set of buildings just North of the center of the map. Some of them are only available during the Pirate Incursion event. This is a [Heroic 4] Mission! Neat, eh! I don’t get why can’t we explore the Enclave , but instead can only view it from a great distance. Polly is only available and present during the Pirate Incursion event. Jun 5, 2019 - Full and Complete Guide to all Dantooine Missions and Achievements from the "Pirate Incursion" event, released with SWTOR 510.3 "The Dantooine Incursion" -D. Suffy. If you manage to find them all, you’ll be rewarded with a Tall Fruit Plant. SWTOR at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies This would serve as a tiny tiny continuation of the storyline. Click on them to deploy the mines. Go there and click on the mission item when you are near the markers. What to do: The named NPC is an elite character, located inside a small building (instanced), marked on your map. Dantooine was once a subject world of the Rakatan Infinite Empire. Fore both you have to stand near the kath hounds. I have listed the ones where I found them for myself. Enter the instance, preferably with a buddy or a full team to speed it up. Note: With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Aim, Cunning, Strength, and Willpower have all been replaced with Mastery. I have explained both in great details below. Can affect alignment. Click on them to pick up a EMP Missile. Beware, this will kill your character and force a respawn. Imperial Intelligence slicers have compromised droids within the Republic garrison. Hit those pirates where it hurts: call in artillery strikes and blast their vessels to scrap. All missions can be repeated daily. Click on the marked objects on the map to complete the mission. ~ Swtorista. Return of the Jedi 1983 Film Dantooine A New Hope 1977 Film mentioned Rural planet and the former site of a While A. Can affect alignment. The Pirate Incursion Event, better known as the “Dantooine Event”, is a limited-time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can click a blue glowing piece to “repair” it. Thanks for helping me and the community! If you discover one that is not yet shared here, send it to me via email or leave a comment below. The weekly wants you to complete 10 daily missions and 5 heroic quests which is two days worth of quests, and the daily quests wants you to complete 6 daily missions, which is exactly how many daily missions are offered. Go near the Republic base in the very South West of the Dantooine map. The first is that the walker will start off with an orange shield around it, and this shield will come back occasionally during the fight. They are all in the same area. 13 votes, 29 comments. When you get to the instance, stop by the nearby vendor inside and purchase the special item for 15 mill credits, then go through the door. To find the Stockpiles, you need to go to the most northern section of the area, near the Imperial base. Yarvok of the Nova Blades and a number of his crew have taken over the Dantooine Power Station. Takes you under his wing to try to compensate for his past failure. The damage is not too high, but you should spare your teammates and/or companions when possible. Around the boss you will see Weapons Crates. I don’t get why can’t we explore the Enclave , but instead can only view it from a great distance. This achievement rewards my curiosity.. .and yours too! If you don’t want to be noticed make sure you put your lightsaber away as the locals don’t view Jedi kindly. This will reward you with an item called Yarvok’s Gratitude from the reputation vendor that will turn your character yellow and have credit symbols floating out of their body. Below you can read their descriptions, objectives, rewards etc. You get a weekly mission automatically if you do the very short introductory quest on the Fleet, or you can pick up the weekly on the Mission Board on Dantooine. Zhar: Former master of Revan. Nova Blade Walker – Rank: Champion – 50 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Mount, Steadfast Kath Hound – Rank: Champion – 40 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Mount, Guard Hound – Rank: Hero – 25 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Pet. There are different daily quests offered Republic and Imperial side, so if you’re looking to experience all the content the event has to offer, you’ll want to play it on both factions. Use the Stim on 5x Docile Kath Hounds. Important Note: This guide is made to be used when The Pirate Incursion event on Dantooine is running. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Ability 3 is a defensive shield, which you can deploy and continue shooting. Force shrines are part of the Jedi system between Jedi Initiate and Jedi Padawan. The map is quite flat and not very imaginative, but then again so is the planet of Dantooine. Carry out missions to help fight back the Pirate and Imperial attack. Dantooine Homesteader Armor – Rank: Newcomer through Hero – 52 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Armor – Brown outfit above, Nova Blade Gunner Armor – Rank: Newcomer through Hero – 66 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes – Armor – Blue outfit above (note, the animated eyeglasses are purple, not green), Dantooine Tree (Large) – Rank: Friend – 8 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes. If you have a companion, you will need to babysit them a lot to make sure they are not standing in the red circle, which as far as I can tell only drops on real players. swtorcantina.de. The event focuses on the Nova Blade Pirates hostile takeover of the area, as they are spurred on by Imperial forces looking to disrupt the bastion created there by the Republic. If you have questions or want to share something about any of the missions, tips, tricks and suggestions, leave a comment below! There is a blue glowing part of a statue hidden in the dirt against a cliff in the very North West of the Dantooine map. The interior is a personal instance. I found this video by another player that shows off all the decorations, the mounts, and the Ugnaught companion at the end. I doubt any of the other Pirates could do the same. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. Loot 10 Communicators from Nova Blades (defeat them). So you do not have to obtain him on the character you buy the item on. They are located in the Legacy tab, under Events. Any team can make it. Game Update 5.10.3 ‘The Dantooine Incursion’ introduces a new in-game event set on the planet Dantooine. With the Jedi Order rebuilding its ranks, there is renewed interest in recovering what few Jedi artifacts remain on Dantooine after years of sanctioned salvaging. Two players with a Heal Companion can do it too. Scans indicate Imperial activity on Dantooine. Next scan the Republic Comm Center and click on it to destroy its receiver. The last one in this list is the Weekly and can be completed once each week the event is running. Talk to him to continue the main quest. Blue glowing plaque at the base of three of the biggest trees on Dantooine. Dantooine’s abundant food resources are a critical part of the Republic’s supply chain. The Corporation's interests on Tatooine instead turned to weapons devel… Inhalt: Patch 2.8/2.9; Ausblick auf die zweite digitale Erweiterung „Galactic Strongholds“ Rückblick auf Patch 2.7 – Unsere Meinung zur neuen Huttenball-Map; Konstruktive Kritik jeglicher Art ist in den Kommentaren gern gesehen. Objectives: Retrieve the Stim and use it on 5x yellow animals; Next free 5x Kath Hounds from Republic Traps. Dantooine Bevor ihr überhaupt irgend etwas machen könnt, wird Bastila auf euch zu kommen und euch bitten ihr zu folgen. The Imperials get to place these mines, Republic players disarm them. To complete this achievement, you need to find the five Notes left by D. Suffy. It's also the best place to look to see what new videos or guides I have created! Can affect alignment. Mount the Turret and defeat 40 incoming enemies. When the shield is up, you’ll need to have one member of your team run over to the blue-glowing EMP missiles and blast the walker with the EMP temporary ability which will bring the shield down. You will be teleported to the boss area, where Hugo awaits. This datapad is barely visible, and I have no idea how someone every found this originally. I hope you have found it useful! Quick and simple one. You’ll reach that cap by completing the weekly on 2 characters if you’re a subscriber over the course of two days, or double that if you’re preferred or free-to-play. Dantooine Tactical Report – This is a story-based article that will help set the scene and introduce Dantooine to players. What to do: Go to the far south end of the map and simply follow the instructions and objectives. Vrook: Complete and total git. -D. Suffy. Darvannis Darvannis on Wookieepedia After you do that 10 times, you will be able to purchase the last item on the Reputation vendor’s list. The first time you land on Dantooine, a lead quest will introduce you to the planet and the situation. There just weren't a lot of pacifist-compatible quests there, and the map is so big and not particularly visually interesting, I just got somewhat tired of it about halfway through. You can scour Dantooine for them or you can get 5 of them in one spot! If you bring a level 70+ character, who has completed the Ossus storyline, the first time you do the event, you will see a short unique cinematic, related to the events on Ossus. The Irritable Bloatgourd does not spawn with the rest but it does have 3 separate locations which are marked on the final map image below. Two armors of mixed reputation and costs. Defeat things that move and attempt to attack you until you reach the final boss and defeat Yarvok. Quelle: Bioware 05.04.2019 um 15:05 Uhr von Susanne Braun - In SWTOR tut sich im … You can help remedy that situation and assist Imperial researchers by experimenting on the local wildlife. This is my Dantooine Missions and Achievements Guide. Objectives: Plant Tracker on a Ship, Speeder and Speeder Bike. What to do: Simply enter the instance and either defeat all mobs inside or rush to the end and click on the door. Really simple achievement that ties in to the lore of the planet, use your macrobinculars to scan the unreachable Jedi Temple Ruins located off the map over the cliff to the very South East of the Dantooine map. Jun 5, 2019 - Full and Complete Guide to all Dantooine Missions and Achievements from the "Pirate Incursion" event, released with SWTOR 510.3 "The Dantooine Incursion" How to get it: Republic Mission Board in Republic Garrison. More information SWTOR Dantooine Map Das Original könnt ihr hier finden. There are two approaches to this Achievement – the standard way is to look for the spawn points and hope to see the items in the designated locations (shown below) or you can opt for the quicker and hackier approach – the alternative jump-method. There are five categories – Daily Bosses, Exploratoin, General, Missions and Player vs Player. If your companion has decided to stand somewhere awkward like on top of the EMP or directly under the boss, you can run away from the walker and eventually they will follow you. You can then interrupt the ability that puts the shield back up. This achievement is awarded for doing a bunch of other achievements. Located in the Old Market district, it is right in the open at t… It first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars and is depicted as a large red gas giant with an extensive satellite system of moons.The hidden military base of the Rebel Alliance is located on its fourth moon, Yavin 4.. How to get it: From Lieutenant Marky in the Hidden Imperial Base. I recommend choosing a ranged companion, so you can leave the area around the walker open for any melee fighters you have. Stand next to the bird and notice how a buff with a stacking number is placed on your bar. This was where the most famous of the Sith Lords from before Darth Vader's time, Exar Kun, trained the ways of the Force when he was a young Jedi under the guidance of Krevaaki Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas - who by the way established this enclave.