A relatively unique Finnish wedding tradition was the bridal sauna, where the bridesmaids took the bride to a luxuriously decorated, cleansing sauna on the night before the wedding. Select from premium Finnish Sauna of the highest quality. rice throwing cutting the wedding cake together (the one who has his/her hand on top when holding the knife and/or first steps on the other one's toes after cutting the … Due to their geographical location and history, Finland was heavily influenced by various communities including the Russians, Swedish, plus numerous Baltic and Finnic people. May, Guess how old are the oldest pine trees in Finland, Christmas surprise on a nature trail! Welcome to experience the authentic Finnish Sauna with us! Our church is here to help all those who find themselves in trouble – even when the trouble is the lack of Finnish black rye bread, or just the need to relax in a Finnish sauna! Sauna is for having a wash and relaxing, which means that peace and quiet are viewed as parts of the experience. Your email address will not be published. There is no “big science” behind the sauna experience, but to know a few tips and tricks from a local makes a difference. These two words mean the same thing: a twig bundle made of birch twigs, bundled together with natural material. You will usually find them in the countryside, attached to a cabin or cottage, or in a separate building. 3. Sale Items Save on these great Finnish designs by iittala, Marimekko and your other favorite Finnish brands! Someone or something that has relation to or origin from Finland. It is a place for physical and mental cleansing, and many suggest one should behave in a sauna as they would in church. Sauna is a place of true equality, where the president can sit next to you start chatting about how the stove is … Finnish Yooper Jerry Koski passed sauna's tradition of coming together on to his family. Mor, Kaitalampi at #Luukki in Espoo had challenging tra, Feel the sea at Kopparnäs-Störsvik recreation area, Clear-water Lake Iso-Melkutin is hikers and divers’ treasure, Hepoköngäs – largest free waterfalls of Finland in Puolanka, Cranberries are the world’s healthiest food, The Rantaraitti seaside promenade in Espoo shows you the best of the capital area. Ruka Safaris has several saunas and get-together places for groups of all sizes to spend an evening. Skiing, sauna and fishing are the most favorite hobbies in Finland. Wood sauna are heated by a wood stove, burning birch wood, with stones placed over its top. If not, will often visit the closest one for a good dose of extreme heat and humidity. Go to sauna naked – in public saunas there are usually separate sections for men and women. Sauna is an important part of the Finnish culture. It is worn on the traditional Sámi dress to keep the scarf in place. There is an ancient legend about the goblins – gnomes, which look after the Finnish houses. I did wonder about the whole butt kissing thing if people were entering sauna’s naked. We are ready for new #adventures! How To Get Your Ex-Lover Back fast Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!! A wood-burning sauna is the star of the traditional Finnish sauna experience. Most Finns could heat up a wood-burning sauna with their eyes closed. Then they pour water on the sauna stove and they also hit themselves with birch branches (birching) to improve the blood circulation. Compared to electric sauna, wood sauna feels a lot cosier – the wood crackles as it burns and releases its earthy aroma. There are different types of saunas, which use materials like wood, stones and even electricity to produce heat. What is a Finnish sauna? Original Finnish Sauna Soap on a Rope - Birch. Sauna scents, sauna hats, and sauna stove decorations have taken their share of the sauna market. Visitors would do well to have their first encounter with the sauna in the company of a Finnish friend or acquaintance, rather than following a mechanical set of instructions that reduces sauna … How to have the best Finnish sauna experience: * go with a local If you’re planning to visit a Finnish sauna for the first time, go there with a person who has some experience already. Finnish sauna saved me and this is the only possible honest starting sentence for this post… Years ago I literally ran away from Paris to embark on a riding adventure-vacation in Lapland and among other things I discovered the real Finnish sauna and its real function.

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