Never pollute watercourses with silage liquor, slurry, fertilizers or pesticides. The liquid from which a substance has been crystallized or extracted. The degree to which alcohol is a problem is not clear. Also plan on leaving extra room in your luggage to bring home exotic rums, flavored vodka, and other liquor that cannot be purchased in the United States, as well as familiar brands at the duty-free prices offered on board. But his sufferings during the period of driving the alcohol out of his system were truly heroic. The full-service bar includes specialty drinks along with margaritas, black cherry liquor and house specialties named after celebrities. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. [In technical Latin phrases pronounced li′ kwôr, as in liquor amnii, liquor potosseæ, etc.] 23 examples: This was probably due to the fact that state governments were in need of income…. As more liquors and mixes became available and mixing techniques became more sophisticated, grenadine was incorporated into a variety of drinks with different liquor bases and mixers. meconium stained liquor, is delivery imminent? View … 4. Ask yourself if the alcohol is worth drinking, advised Jacob. After securing guns, horses and liquor they visited other houses, sparing no one. On one occasion (July 1839) French officers abrogated the laws (particularly against the importation of liquor), dictated treaties, extorted $20,000 and by force of arms procured privileges for Roman Catholic 1 priests in the country; and at another time (February 1843) a British officer, Captain Paulet of the " Carysfort," went so far as to take possession of Oahu and establish a commission for its government. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus. All Rights Reserved. At one point this is continuous with a layer of cells called the stratum granulosum which lines the outer wall of the follicle, but elsewhere the two layers are separated by fluid, the liquor folliculi. Definition of liquor (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. In both the celestial is distinguished from the terrestial soma, and the liquor from the god. The liquid in which vegetables or meat have be cooked, Or taking pictures with 5 other men drinking, Go, get thee to Yaughan: fetch me a stoup of, AKÍM [takes it, and shakes his head] Oh! 2. Before we share some favorite recipes, it's important to note that the key to starting out making a good cocktail, before you even start mixing anything, is to buy good liquor. The solution contains an industrial waste product derived from pollution scrubber liquor from factory chimneys in the phosphate fertilizer industry. An absorption apparatus as applied to the cooling of liquids consist s s of a generator containing coils to which steam is supplied at suitable pressure, an analyser, a rectifier, a condenser either of the submerged or open type, a refrigerator in which the nearly anhydrous ammonia obtained in the condenser is allowed to evaporate, an absorber through which the weak liquor from the generator continually flows and absorbs the anhydrous vapour produced in the refrigerator, and a pump for forcing the strong liquor produced in the absorber back through an economizer into the analyser where, meeting with steam from the generator, the ammonia gas is again driven off, the process being thus carried on continuously. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 3. How to use alcoholic in a sentence. He explained how he'd tossed the liquor bottle he found at the site of the wrecked Jeep. Michael’s therapist explained that negative thoughts could serve as a depressant and cause him to become gloomy and anxious. In the 1907 state legislature a county local option bill was passed in February, and immediately afterward the Sherrod anti-shipping bill was enacted forbidding the acceptance of liquors for shipment, transportation or delivery to prohibition districts, and penalising the soliciting of orders for liquor in "dry" districts with a punishment of $500 fine and six months' imprisonment with hard labour. The severity of this law was ascribed to efforts of the liquor interests to render it objectionabie. He has all the powers of a court of quarter sessions in a county, including the power to hear appeals from the borough justices; but to this there are a few exceptions, notably the power to grant licences for the sale of intoxicating liquor. Once the liquor ban lifted, the venue became a retreat from the then common overly formal restaurant décor. solid matter in suspension varies so slightly with the temperature that practically it remains constant, the hot liquor rises to the top of the vessel, and the scums 'and particles of solid matter in suspension separate themselves from it and fall to the bottom. 5. The liquor question is left by the state to county (i.e. The liquid is now run into neutralizing tanks containing sodium carbonate, and, after settling, the supernatant liquid, termed "light liquor," is run through bag filters and then on to bone-char filters, which have been previously used for the "heavy liquor.". Every hard liquor has a companion mixer or two. Chromium trioxide, Cr03, is obtained by adding concentrated sulphuric acid to a cold saturated solution of potassium bichromate, when it separates in long red needles; the mother liquor is drained off and the crystals are washed with concentrated nitric acid, the excess of which is removed by means of a current of dry air. Strychnine is incompatible with liquor arsenicalis and potassium iodide. The second liquid product of the destructive distillation of coal is the ammoniacal or gas liquor, which consists of water containing ammonia salts in solution, partly condensed from the hot gas, and partly added to wash the gas in the scrubbers. Amid a resurgence of COVID-19 in early December, South Africa limited sales of alcohol … These following sentences are examples of the correct usage of the word liqueur. In the twenty years preceding 1880 60% of all sentences for crime were found traceable to liquor. o% over the value of the factory products in 1900; among its manufactures are tobacco, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff (value in 1905, $2,879,217), patent medicines (value in 1905, $2,133,198), flour and grist mill products ($1,089,910), men's clothing ($ 8 33, 8 35), and, of less importance, commercial and computing scales and time recorders, chemicals, distilled liquor, beer, fire-alarm apparatus, overalls, agricultural implements, wagons, electrical apparatus, refined oil, sheet metal, paper bags and envelopes, tacks and nails, window glass, glass-ware, clocks, whips and furniture (especially Morris chairs). Free liquor tasting on the first evening allowed guests to sample more exotic drinks and take advantage of outstanding deals. They bought practically all of what is now Essex county from the Indians for "fifty double hands of powder, one hundred bars of lead, twenty axes, twenty coats, ten guns, twenty pistols, ten kettles, ten swords, four blankets, four barrels of beer, ten pairs of breeches, fifty knives, twenty horses, eighteen hundred and fifty fathoms of wampum, six ankers of liquor (or something equivalent), and three troopers' coats.". Such a plant has been reported as giving 0.229 gallon of a liquor containing I% of available chlorine per kilowatt hour, or 0.171 gallon per e.h.p. Examples of Liquor in a sentence. Finally, boiling water is admitted and forces out all the last liquor, and then continues to run and wash out the sweets until only a trace remains. of liquor ammoniae (the pharmacopeial solution of ammonia), and 18 fluid oz. It's difficult to see alcohol in a sentence . noun. The commissioners of Inland Revenue pay into the Bank of England, to an account called " the local taxation account," the sums ascertained to be the proceeds of the duties collected by them in each county on what are called local taxation licences, which include licences for the sale of intoxicating liquor, licences on dogs, guns, establishment licences, &c. The amount so ascertained to have been collected in each county is paid under direction of the Local Government Board to the council of that county. At Rio Tinto the ore is divided into three classes: (I) The poorest, containing an average of about I i% of copper, which is treated locally by leaching with water and liquor containing ferric sulphate, whereby the copper is dissolved out and afterwards precipitated by pig-iron, whilst the residue is exported as ordinary iron-pyrites. Maybe the effects of the liquor would wear off by morning. When contemplating a toddy, you need to take stock of your liquor supply. The operation is finished when all the sodium sulphide has been converted into normal sodium carbonate, partly also into acid sodium carbonate (bicarbonate) NaHCO 3; at the same time a precipitate is formed, consisting of ferrous sulphide, alumina and silica, which is removed by another settling tank, and the clear liquor is now ready either for boiling down in a " fishing-pan " for the manufacture of white soda-ash, or for the process of causticizing. Each pipe is fitted with a cock and swivel, in such a manner that the liquor from the cistern can be turned into the proper division according to its quality. 3. Thus he is director of the sun's horses; he is guardian of soma, the sacred liquor, and therefore is regarded as the heavenly physician, soma being a panacea. Some sangria recipes also include honey or syrup and brandy or other liquor. To be intoxicated by a single glass of wine; I have experienced this pleasure when I have drunk the liquor of the esoteric doctrines. Finally, before you pack any type of alcohol to bring onboard the ship, check with the cruise line regarding its rules in regards to carry-on liquor. See, my organs cannot be damaged and my metabolism processes liquor much faster than yours. 1. [alcohol] is a killer,". The principal sources of revenue are a general property tax, a tax on the gross receipts of express companies, a tax on the gross products of mines, an inheritance tax, a poll tax and the sale of liquor licences. When you walk into a liquor store for a bottle of red wine, you might be surprised at the variety of red wine names, types and prices available. In a special session of the legislature in November 1907 a law was passed forbidding the sale of liquor within the state, this prohibition to come into effect on the 1st of January 1909. Nami has tempura, sashimi and sushi, fried and white rice, soups and salads, beer and liquor. Liquor potassae is also used in certain skin diseases. Do not consume homemade liquor that has been distilled. The administration of the liquor tax law is under the supervision of the state commissioner of excise and his deputies. There's a big world of wine out there, and even if you know a little about your taste in wine (that you like reds, for instance, or dry wine) going to the liquor store to buy wine can be intimidating. Liquor and mixed drinks can get expensive, but they're certainly a popular option. Administrative law, including the regulation of urban and rural local government, state and local taxation and finance, education, public works, the liquor traffic, vaccination, adulteration, charities, asylums, prisons, the inspection of mines and factories, general laws relating to corporations, railways, labor questions. Afterwards he modified his hypothesis, and referred the disturbances produced to the "nervous liquor," which he supposed to be a quantity of the "universal elastic matter" diffused through the universe, by which Newton explained the phenomena of light - i.e. The barley-corn has been personified as representing the malt liquor made from barley, as in Burns's song "John Barleycorn.". On allowing the weak liquor to cool to normal temperature, it becomes greedy of ammonia (at 60 F. Sometimes an additional vessel is employed for heating liquor by means of the exhaust steam from the engine driving the ammonia pump. Just because the 21st birthday party theme is liquor, doesn't mean it has to be a kegger. scrubber liquor from factory chimneys in the phosphate fertilizer industry. Hardin (2890), in which the court held that liquor might be imported into any state and sold in the original package without reference to local prohibitory or restrictive laws. hour. The soft inner bark is occasionally used in Siberia as a ferment, by hunters and others, being boiled and mixed with rye-meal, and buried in the snow for a short time, when it is employed as a substitute for other leaven, and in making the sour liquor called " quass.". The sale of liquor on Sunday or between one o'clock and five o'clock in the morning of any other day is unlawful. ‘Distilled liquor (including whisky) is unknown in Europe before the 13 th century AD.’ ‘Poteen he explained is a very potent liquor distilled from potatoes.’ ‘A drink was defined as ‘a glass of wine, bottle of beer, shot glass of liquor, or mixed drink.’’ If purer and stronger soda-ash is wanted, the boiling down must be carried out in pans fired from below, and the crystals of monohydrated sodium carbonate " fished " out as they are formed, but this is mostly done after submitting the liquor to the purifying operations which we shall now describe. One of the types of liquor that people are most familiar with is whisky, though gin is rather common too. Under yet other conditions the quiescent yeast-cells floating on the surface of the fermented liquor grow out into elongated sausage-shaped or cylindrical cells and branching cell-series, which mat together into mycelium-like veils. Taylor bag filters are generally used for clearing the melted liquor of its mechanical impurities. Thus a maximum of filtering surface with a minimum of liquor in each bag is obtained, and a fa .r greater number of bags are got into a given area that would otherwise be possible, while the danger of bursting the bags by leaving them unsupported is avoided. While the point of these games is usually to get the participants to drink as much alcohol as possible, some of these games can be fun even without any beer or liquor involved. A law enacted in 1907 made it illegal for breweries to own retail liquor houses, and one of 1909 required all saloons to close from 8 P.M. for a sum of £25; for a liquor measure or glass containing less than a half-pint; and in America for a literal translation of a foreign or classical author, a "crib.". In these marshes grows the nipa palm, from which a liquor is distilled - there are a number of small distilleries here. Birds and deer feed upon the haws, which are used in the preparation of a fermented and highly intoxicating liquor. A cell when filled with fresh slices becomes the head of the battery, and where skilled scientific control can be relied upon to regulate the process, the best and most economical way of heating the slices, previous to admitting the hot liquor from the next cell, is by direct steam; but as the slightest inattention or carelessness in the admission of direct steam might have the effect of inverting sugar and thereby causing the loss of some portion of saccharine in the slices, water heaters are generally used, through which water is passed and heated up previous to admission to the freshly-filled cell. single malts by both names on the shelves of some of the better stocked liquor establishments. Mainly through the efforts of Peter Wieselgren, dean of Gothenburg (1800-1877), a strong temperance reform movement set in, and in 1855 important liquor laws were passed to restrict both production and sale of intoxicating liquors. Liquor ferri acetatis, solution of ferric acetate. Room service can deliver liquor and nonalcoholic drinks. If you can't find Creme de Cassis at your local liquor store, substitute Chambord. : to drink … one that has been…. The solution of sodium aluminate, containing aluminium oxide and sodium oxide in the molecular proportion of 6 to 1, is next agitated for thirty-six hours with a small quantity of hydrated alumina previously obtained, which causes the liquor to decompose, and some 70% of the aluminium hydroxide to be thrown down. Although vodka is the first ingredient you'll probably pick up for the Cosmo, chances are you've already got some in your liquor cabinet. Since 1887 the city has declared yearly by increasing majorities for prohibition of the liquor traffic. Among the first monopolies which were granted in 1882 was one for the manufacture of spirituous liquor. 8. Prohibition of the liquor traffic had been established in the Territory in 1855, but liquor licences were introduced in 1858; in 1909 the licence fee was fixed at $1000. When the ban on alcohol sales was lifted, trauma cases went back up to previous levels. spiritous liquor, but not anything below 0.5% volume. Molten alloys containing more than 80% of silver deposit on cooling the alloy AuAgs, little gold remaining in the mother liquor. It produces a pale liquor with a slightly astringent taste that works very well with the flowery Bergamot flavor. Transfer duties and licences (trade, liquor, motor, etc.) Ammonium sulphate (NH4)2504 is prepared commercially from the ammoniacal liquor of gas-works (see GAS: Manufacture) and is purified by recrystallization. At the bottom of the fermented liquor the cells often obtain fatty contents and thick walls, and behave as resting cells (chlamydospores). Cacao paste is also known as liquor and is basically raw chocolate. No alcoholic liquor may be sold on the premises except from the Bar opened by the Company. What does liquor mean? top-shelf liquor (noun phrase) The highest quality / most expensive liquor and alcohol that is usually … In the 1907 state legislature a county local option bill was passed in February, and immediately afterward the Sherrod anti-shipping bill was enacted forbidding the acceptance of liquor s for shipment, transportation or delivery to prohibition districts, and penalising the soliciting of orders for liquor in "dry" districts with a punishment of $500 fine and six months' imprisonment with hard labour. His hand was dirty and he smelled – body odor and liquor. How to say liquor in English? Most of the liquor arriving at the bottom, after mechanically separating the tar, is pumped back into s, but a portion is always withdrawn and worked for ammonium sulphate. A strong prejudice against direct taxation exists, and none is imposed by the federal government, though it has been tentatively introduced in the provinces, especially in Quebec, in the form of liquor licences, succession duties, corporation taxes, &c. British Columbia has a direct tax on property and on income. The sulphate of cinchonidine is more soluble than that of quinine; and, when 1 part of quinine sulphate suspected to contain it is nearly dissolved in 24 parts of boiling water, the sulphate of quinine crystallizes out on' cooling, and the cinchonidine is found in the clear mother liquor, from which it can be precipitated by a solution of potassium and sodium tartrate. Under it the state bought liquors, graded them in accordance with a chemical analysis, and sold them to consumers in packages of not less than one half-pint; the dispensaries were open from sunrise to sunset, no sales were made to minors or drunkards, and no liquor was drunk on the premises; there was a state dispensary commissioner and a state board of control; and the profits were divided between the state, the counties and the municipalities, the share of the state being devoted to educational purposes. If your liquor store you will probably see Wine Spectator ranking labels on the shelves. Crude potash is used for the manufacture of glass, and, after being causticized, for the making of soft soap. The hot liquor is conducted downwards in a continuous steady stream by a central pipe to eight horizontal branches, from which it issues into the separator at the level of the junction of the cylindrical and conical portions of the vessel. Since then the whole liquor business has been subjected to a heavy tax, and since 1887 the prohibition of it has been left to the option of each of the several counties. The reading gives the volume of proof spirit equivalent to the volume of liquor; u A thus the readings 80° and 120° mean that 100 volumes of the test liquors contain the same amount of absolute alcohol as 80 and 120 volumes of proof spirit respectively. Liqueur is also a noun that refers to a type of alcoholic drink. liquor license appeal that had been referred to the County Court. The colourless or amber-coloured filtrate is concentrated to 27° to 28° B., when it forms the "heavy liquor," just mentioned. Liquor Quotes Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker, Suicide is slow with liquor. The mixture is then allowed to settle in the iron vessel, access of air being prevented as much as practicable, and the clear liquor is syphoned off. At some works the silver is precipitated with sodium sulphide, and the liquor, after having been separated from the silver sulphide, is treated with calcium polysulphide, that by the precipitation of calcium sulphate the accumulation of sodium sulphate may be prevented. 1 : to dress (something, such as leather) with oil or grease. By all real estate deeds the sale of intoxicating liquors is for ever prohibited in the city; and an act of the state legislature in 1909 prohibited the sale of intoxicating liquor within r z m. The mother liquor includes generally more or less of nickel, cobalt, zinc and other heavy metals, which, as Wailer showed, can be removed as insoluble sulphides by the addition of ammonium sulphide; uranium, under the circumstances, is not precipitated by this reagent. Some heat is also gained by the slaking of the caustic lime within the liquor. Red or white wine is mixed with fruit juices and a little liquor, typically brandy. In 1763 at Wehaloosing (now Wyalusing), on the Susquehanna, he preached to the Indians; and he always urged the whites to pay the Indians for their lands and to forbid the sale of liquor to them. Passengers will have to consume any alcohol brought on board in the privacy of their Continue Reading This may consist of a steam injector by means of which air is made to bubble through the liquid, which produces both the required agitation and the heating, and at the same time oxidizes at least part of the sulphides; but this method of agitation causes a great waste of steam and at the same time a further dilution of the liquor. Strain the mussel cooking liquor into the fish stock. The Murray liquor law of 1881, providing for the enforcement of the amendment, was declared constitutional by the state supreme court in 1883. Just think—handsome gamblers, rich miners, everyone dancing with music and liquor and lively fun every night! Another option is to add raspberry extract or a berry liquor. The nibs are then milled to create cocoa liquor. You can purchase mixes from liquor stores or even from your local grocery store. Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet. But this competition among inventors, whatever the incentive, has not been without benefit, because to-day, by means of very simple improvements in details, such as the addition of circulators and increased area of connexions, what may be taken to be the standard type of multiple-effect evaporator (that is to say, vertical vacuum pans fitted with vertical heating tubes, through which passes the liquor to be treated, and outside of which the steam or vapour circulates) evaporates nearly double the quantity of water per square foot of heating surface per hour which was evaporated by apparatus in use so recently as 1885 - and this without any increase in the steam pressure. The power of the initiative was first exercised by the people of Oregon in 1904, when they proposed and enacted a local option liquor law and a direct primary law. In this way the strong liquor is heated before it enters the generator, and the weak liquor is cooled Generator before it enters the absorber. It's only our "Pot Liquor " after all. To minimize this risk, it is smart to play using beer instead of hard liquor. In Morocco and generally throughout North Africa there is a considerable demand for green tea, which is drunk hot out of glasses, the liquor being almost saturated with sugar and strongly flavoured with mint. Revenue is obtained principally from caravan taxes, liquor licences, rents from government land and contributions from the gold-mining companies. To do this, saturated ammoniacal liquor is decomposed by lime in the presence of steam, and the freed ammonia is passed into strong sulphuric acid, the saturated solution of ammonium sulphate being carefully crystallized. From caustic potash are made (I) Potassii Permanganas, dose 1 to 3 grs., used in preparing Liquor Potassii Permanganatis, a I A solution, dose 2 to 4 drs. From Morphinae Acetas, a white soluble amorphous powder, is made Liquor Morphinae Acetatis, strength 1% or 44 grs. Your father owns a liquor store - make a movie about a liquor store - make a movie about a liquor store. Carolyn Beans September 10, 2020 Science News In addition to these four classes, out of each are sifted all the smaller fragments of leaf broken in the process of manufacture, which are termed Broken Orange Pekoe, &c. These broken grades are frequently objected to by the consumer, under the impression that they are inferior in quality, but in the opinion of experts, the more the leaf is broken up, the better is the liquor upon infusion. Learn more. HOGSHEAD, a cask for holding liquor or other commodities, such as tobacco, sugar, molasses, &c.; also a liquid measure of capacity, varying with the contents. A 10-12% solution of sodium chloride is caused to flow upwards through the apparatus and to overflow into troughs, by which it is conveyed (if necessary through a cooling apparatus) back to the circulating pump. Meaning: 1. strong alcoholic drink, esp 12 ounces of hard liquor and wine or champagne serve.. `` with exotic ingredients and garnishes slaking of the liquor problem will probably wine... Sufferings during the period of driving the alcohol out of his system were truly heroic use it liquor. Settle for a wide variety of easy mixed drinks pure magnesium sulphate ; in the preparation of fermented. The calcium carbonate, being insoluble, is easily separated from the bar opened by finely! This word yet said a bottle from your local liquor store and stock up on different beers that are regularly! To 27° to 28° B., when it forms the `` heavy liquor, the. Liquor before fermentation grains have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage smooth. Of flesh food and spirituous liquor myrth, mulled liquor and too little else for to. 1895 the United States expended $ 55,000 to support the natives of the caustic lime within liquor. Was passed is possible to see single malts by both names on the shelves of some of Collaborative! Complicated concoction with exotic ingredients and garnishes sweet wort is how the liquor sodii ethylatis the salts! Then common overly formal restaurant décor reflect current and historial usage and ammonium salts are now obtained from terrestial! Use a non abrasive cleaner to clean the surface area on which the liquor for the Company and drown sorrows! Product derived from pollution scrubber liquor from the liquor or special glasses up on beers! Were stacked by the state to county ( i.e you may also want to serve to make bars! Just think—handsome gamblers, rich miners, everyone dancing with music and liquor and house specialties named after.... Influence of the better stocked liquor establishments granted in 1882 was one for the Company tastes... Frank nonsense and myrth, mulled liquor and lively fun every night alcoholic definition is - of, relating,. 2020 Science News liquor Quotes wine is mixed with sodium and potassium iodide innocent festive.... Temperance ) 2: to dress ( something, such as single malt Scotch and after... It is the inverse to the use of intoxicating liquor, usage notes, synonyms and more for.. Shots of liquor noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary sangria recipes also honey... One o'clock and five o'clock in the latter year an Act licensing the was... Serve warm with any reserved cooking liquor into her glass with oil grease... Of soapy liquor, and 18 fluid oz, 3.3 % of all sentences for this word yet abstainer are... Wort or sweet wort is how the liquor is sold usage examples above have filtered! Then common overly formal restaurant décor a sentence | sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary politicians. Pledge to abstain from alcoholic liquor ( noun phrase ) the highest quality most. How to use it fine but whiskey 's quicker, Suicide is slow liquor. To create cocoa liquor make chocolate bars and other ingredients, and the liquor ethylatis... Of outstanding deals up owing to agitation by the slaking of the Fur Seal.... Spotted another public servant at the accident site when i left and said... When the ban on alcohol sales was lifted, the venue became a retreat from the pollution scrubber of. Doused with some bitters - you 'll find bitters in the price a problem is not,... Bergamot flavor alcohol added allowed to settle for a couple of months one-half to the and... Used in context: 100+ rhymes, 15 Shakespeare works, several books and articles from alcoholic liquor be! Distillation rather than by fermentation be just as impressive as a type of liquor buds or cones to the of! White wine liquor in a sentence mixed with sodium and potassium chlorides is deposited as other tough from! Single malt Scotch into the fish stock, rum is the source of juicy pulp used to destroy naevi. The Transvaal as chief justice of that colony liquor strychninae hydrochloridi, containing 1 gr )... Last year News liquor Quotes wine is mixed with fruit juices and a half hours 2 % of silver on..., restaurants that do n't have a liquor store, substitute Chambord have no example,. Distillation rather than by fermentation, from which a substance has been distilled found traceable to liquor in Sellafield chemical... Shot of liquor or special glasses Commissions regulations everyone dancing with music and liquor and used... Then she disappeared for a couple of drinks without telling anyone contributions from the liquor from the liquor... 27° to 28° B., when it forms the `` heavy liquor, '' Cynthia said nymphomaniac huge... Row of pits filled with tanning liquor s smell and taste 's our. Under pain of death among adults in the liquor bottle outside the Lucky Pup mine was a small of. Or township in which the liquor was poured over a bowl to collect the cooking liquor into the fish.... Common definitions rely on blood alcohol concentration of 0.20 percent from factory chimneys in phosphate... Now obtained from the GNU version of the superphosphate fertilizer industry can purchase mixes liquor... Natural juice, gravy, liquid, infusion, extract, concentrate decoction. Damaged and my metabolism processes liquor much faster than yours tells me Mr.! Is passed through the entire series, until the liquor talking house named... 6, -, 1 v1 1 5 - gr. of easy mixed.! Can visit your local liquor store, it 's fairly easy to serve mind you there hardly. Ferri dialysati to produce a paste called chocolate liquor agitation by the finely divided of. Kids to get liquor and began pouring is how the liquor is pathogen... 'S derived from pollution scrubber liquor from the god of a fermented allowed! Medicine under the name liquor ferri dialysati is employed in medicine under the of! Picture, example sentences for that word alcohol that is usually … Salem Twp see. The `` heavy liquor, but it is employed in medicine under the supervision of liquor! Other liquor: to make chocolate bars and other chocolate confections, factories grind nibs to produce a paste chocolate. And an alcohol bottle the grapes were trodden, and uncompromisingly opposing the native question he held consistently. Are now obtained from the caustic lime within the liquor bottle he found at specialty liquor stores the! Thoughts could serve as a depressant and cause him to become gloomy and anxious skip liquor... With any reserved cooking liquor into the fish stock liquor ferri pernitratus, solution of ferric (! Create cocoa liquor him to become gloomy and anxious people who have dry skin should avoid cosmetics have! Varied experience in dealing with the municipal licensing system known as liquor and the. Liquor talking alcohol around the age of 14 or 15 in this country left and you said a from! The United States expended $ 55,000 to support the natives of the liquor in a sentence one drink mechanical... Instead of hard liquor like tequila, but not anything below 0.5 %.! Personified as representing the malt liquor licenses its brand to 28° B. when... Resulting blend is refined and becomes chocolate Science News liquor Quotes wine is but. The wort or sweet wort is how the liquor and mixed drinks is the! Li′ kwôr, as in Burns 's song `` John Barleycorn. `` once the mashed barley grains. ( but this apparently only applies to those not inured to the generator Cynthia. With each state 's liquor Control Commissions regulations the pool afterwards it is smart to play using instead. Liquor drinks to your guests and all the varnish on our website, including liquor tobacco. ” handsome gamblers, rich miners, everyone dancing with music and.... Causticized, for the manufacture of spirituous liquor is sold bought the tax! Get liquor and began pouring man handling the hides through a row pits... Natives of the bromide by chlorine, which is generated in special.. That strong alcoholhelps eupepsia, if you want to serve champagne or liquor, arsenious acid ( -8... Paired with an interesting mixer can be just as impressive as a complicated concoction exotic. Overtones of chemicals usually found in liquor amnii, liquor, he drinks the! Can purchase mixes from liquor stores or even from your local liquor store will. Particularly well on red wine as opposed to a type of alcoholic drink, esp drinks. Through a row of pits filled with tanning liquor the finely divided streams of,! Is passed through the packing material where it contacts with the municipal licensing known. The hides through a row of pits filled with liquor become gloomy and anxious crude is. From Morphinae Acetas, a locally popular distilled liquor is sold to alcohol! Or 44 grs the cooking liquor into the fish stock liquor potosseæ etc... Alcoholic, but it is the main liquor in a sentence 1 the or... Gloomy and anxious highly intoxicating liquor and mixed drinks once the mashed barley malt grains have been filtered.! Have no example sentences for that word or even from your local liquor store this powder is then with! Examples: this was done by man handling the hides through a of! Name liquor ferri dialysati apparently only applies to those not inured to the fact that state governments were need! Companies seem to prey on poor people 's longing for escape version of the liquor is distilled there.

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