This is the challenge you need to complete in order to finish the Explore the local Mysteries quest, so head to the Shadow of the Tomb Raider side quest and challenges guide for more on it. The wind extinguishes the remaining fire on the center walkway. Turn left and walk across the narrow stone beam to the part of the center walkway where the pile of debris used to be. This can be useful for extinguishing fires and moving the huge, spiky pendulums dangling from the ceiling. Detailed walkthrough for Shadow of the Tomb Raider for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Challenge Tomb 9 – Mission of San Juan – Thirsty Gods. You'll find the only Challenge Tomb for Kuwaq Yaku near the Northeast corner of the map. The tomb is within the Kuwaq Yaku area. Shadow of the Tomb Raider • Howling Caves Tomb • Kuwaq Yaku. to pull or push the lever on a slight diagonal. Howling Caves Tomb is 1 out of 9 Tombs for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Tombs in Peruvian Jungle - there are 2 challenge tombs here: Underworld Gate and Judge's Gate; Tombs in Kuwaq Yaku - there is 1 challenge tomb here: Howling Caves You'll find the only Challenge Tomb for Kuwaq Yaku near the Northeast corner of the map. Entering, to the right will be an alcove you'll need the rope ascender to open that contains some gold ore. (screenshots), There's a pile of gold ore on the left side of the walkway and more gold to the right of the stele. The 9 challenge tombs available in the game have been sorted based on their location. Swing back and forth to build momentum, then jump forward onto the ledge below. Stuck. Stand near the rope coil and shoot a rope arrow into the coil on the second pendulum. After making your way into the cave, step out onto the wooden walkway and dive into the cenote below. WAS THIS WALKTHROUGH HELPFUL? Then shoot a rope arrow into the coil at the top of the pendulum to pull it toward you. Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough of all challenge tombs. Now that the second and third pendulums are tethered together, when the wind blows through the hall, the second pendulum yanks the third one out of the wall, sending it crashing into the pit. document.write(''+postemail8809+'') var postemail8809='' You'll need to do this fairly quickly, but not frantically. However, the wind is also strong enough to knock Lara off the edge, so you'll need to work carefully. So you could also Fast Travel from the Petroleum Deposit Base Camp to the Kuwak Yaku Ruins Base Camp instead. The only collectibles you'll miss are some mushrooms and a couple of small resource containers. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Stand under the rope-wrapped beam and shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped beam on the other side of the gap. Take on the Howling Caves Challenge Tomb with our walkthrough! Try to evade their attacks by pressing Drop/Roll (C/Circle/B), like you did with the jaguars earlier. This is a passive skill, meaning it works without your having to do anything. Then jump and latch onto the rough wall beyond. Grab it and examine the stele to unlock Huracan's Mantle, a Scavenger Skill that reduces damage from fire and explosions. NOTE: If you're playing with keyboard and mouse and are having trouble operating any of the levers, try using a combination of controls (e.g. Jump across the gap to to the middle walkway and form there to the ledge on the far side of the room, to the right of the first set of shutters. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Howling Caves Challenge Tomb Walkthrough Players should note that wolves need to be killed in one area. Another fire prevents you from getting any closer to the altar. Also be sure to examine the mural (8/10), Howling Caves (Mam/Trials of the Gods) on the west ledge before moving on. Experience Lara Croft's defining moment as she becomes the legendary Tomb Raider in the third game of the revitalized Tomb Raider franchise. Howling Caves - Kuwaq Yaku Challenge Tomb Walkthrough. Trying to jump onto a ledge ahead of you you'll fall into a cave where you'll be attacked by wild dogs. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Challenge Tomb: Temple of … Try and take out one or two of them before they get close. Each tomb description contains a video-walkthrough., 2018-12-18T16:20:00.005+05:30 2018-12-18T16:20:24.419+05:30 The wind blows through and starts moving the second spiky pendulum, but more importantly, it extinguishes the fire on the middle walkway that had been preventing you from moving forward. (screenshots), There's some gold ore sitting in a little pile near the wall. Heading down the stairs ahead of you, you'll start to slide. Reaching the other side, climb up the grapple wall, where you'll find a base camp. These act as fast travel points throughout the world of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as well as allow you to upgrade your skills and craft upgrades to your weapons and outfits. Check out the story mission, challenge guide & tips, tomb location and collectible available in Cozumel Caves in this walkthrough. Then jump across to the next ledge on the same side of the room. (screenshots), RETURNING TO THE BASE CAMP AND THE MAIN AREA: Return along the center walkway to the exit in the far left (southwest) corner of the room. Yikes! Head to the third lever again and open the vent to blow out the fire standing between you and the Tomb Stele. Thank you! for (i=0;i