Receive your funds and deliver your project in mid summer 2021. The Mayor’s Crowdfunding Pilot offers local groups a digital platform to propose and crowdfund projects that improve their neighbourhood for the benefit of the wider community, with direct support and pledges from the Mayor.. Download our guides & worksheets to help you plan your project and crowdfunding campaign. We want to self-build a community space on our site in Ladywell with local people and volunteers to create a knowledge hub for self-building, community-led housing and sustainable living. 4:10. WHO CAN DO THE MOST DARES IN 24 HOURS.. Anyone can create a project on Spacehive provided that it is eligible. Young people in the town have a limited outlet for their entreprenurial and performance skills. Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding website working with us to deliver Crowdfund London. The following three steps explain how Spacehive works: 1. Spacehive is for raising money for projects that help your local area. Levente Polyak: Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform based in London. Once verified, set your dates and run your crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfund London gives you the opportunity to pitch new ideas - big or small - for community-led projects to make your local area even better. Start a project on Spacehive now to tap into support from us and others. The Mayor is responsible for making London a better place for everyone who visits, lives or works in the city. Over four months, the programme will help children develop vital skills and encourage them to access other cultural and educational offers. The Spacehive team are on hand to help you along the way. We’re looking for projects that will make your area even better, bring people together in a creative activity or help your local economy to thrive. We’re running a crowdfunder on Spacehive that will help us to design and deliver an innovative, intergenerational programme specifically for the local community. "I'd … Making streets safer and more sociable by improving walking routes, installing outdoor seating or spill-out space, or pocket parks, growing spaces, or community farming. We have the highest fundraising success rate of any UK crowdfunding platform. The Mayor of London's programme, Crowdfund London gives you the opportunity to pitch new ideas – big or small – for community-led projects to make your local area even better. To take part in Crowdfund Barnet's next funding round create your project on Spacehive and pitch to the fund via the platform by 9th September. Key Information. Today, the Mayor’s Crowdfund London initiative hosted on Spacehive enables grassroots campaigns to pitch for up to £50,000 (S$89,500) from the Mayor’s office. The programme is delivered in partnership with online civic crowdfunding platform Spacehive and is funded by the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), the local enterprise partnership for London. This fund is designed to support projects with both capital and revenue funding with pledges between £500-£5,000 available. If your are successful, the pledge will be added to your live campaign. Crowdfund. Find out more by visiting the Make London page here:, {{'WeCouldPledge' | translate : { amount : '50,000' } }}, {{'WeCouldPledge' | translate : { amount : '5,000' } }}, {{'ProjectsWereInterested' | translate }},, Tier 1: Up to £5,000 for small projects that start something new or grow an existing idea, Tier 2: Up to £50,000 to support larger test projects for the city. 5. You know what would help bring your neighbourhood together, improve the local area and build community spirit. Testing temporary uses for vacant and underused spaces on your local high street; Or establishing new open access resources such as community kitchens, tool libraries, or workshops. We want to hear about your ideas for improving Barnet and, where possible, to help make them a reality. The Spacehive platform, which helps deliver Crowdfund London, will also be used to support applications to Make London. Besides collecting donations from individuals, Spacehive also connects initiatives with funding sources including city councils, companies and grant-makers. If you'd like some feedback on your idea before you begin, fill in this short form. Register for 28th July 4pm If you're taking part in Crowdfund London to get a pledge of up to £50,000 towards your goal don't forget to share your idea with us asap we can help you get ready to run a fab campaign! The InLinks display a project image and a URL to the campaign on [...] Read More Gallery Spacehive HQ. Projects could be focused on physical improvements that leave a lasting legacy or they could be events or activities that last just for one day or one week, but which bring people together and help build community. Join our mailing list. By Aoife Herr | 2020-03-20T12:50:39+00:00 February … Fill out the Make London Project Form' by the 21st of December. Click HERE to find out ⭐ London Councils Back Spacehive Campaign to Help Boroughs Crowdfund Christmas Lights. When you're ready you can start your crowdfunding campaign. {{ 'CreatedBy' | translate }} Use your project page to talk about your idea, why it's great, and what you intend to spend the money on. Setting up inter-generational arts or heritage projects, or co-designing and creating public artworks, Projects to Improve Public Spaces could involve: Fill out the Make Lonodn Project Form by 21st December. {{'JoinedSpacehiveOn' | translate }} 09 March 2017. This includes 149 projects in London, worth £3.6m. We want to transform some empty and unloved space into a vibrant and creative community garden - an open and creative home for local people to connect with nature and with each other. Spacehive Crowd Support Will Make the UK Camden Highline Happen: Build It & They Will Come. Addressing these two needs together will benefit both. {{ 'PoweredBy' | translate }} Spacehive. London Borough of Barnet uses Spacehive to help you create, fund and deliver your project idea. Make London is partnering with Spacehive, a civic crowdfunding website, which makes it easy to share your project idea online and then begin a crowdfunding campaign to collect donations of cash and skills, and to show evidence that local people support your project. The Mayor wants to back the best crowdfunding campaigns with pledges of up to £50K. Your project costs and necessary permissions or licenses will be checked by independent verifiers, Locality. We are really interested in the quality and originality of your idea – why does it respond specifically to a challenge or opportunity in your neighbourhood? Need some more advice before you create your project page? Mayor of London How the partnership between Spacehive and the Mayor of London is fueling grassroots regeneration across the capital The Mayor of London uses Spacehive to put more power into the hands of Londoners to propose, fund and deliver projects that bring local places Do you have an idea for a community project? Register for 14th July 12pm But for most of you the task is to start imagining your potential crowd BEFORE you crowdfund (including the Mayor of London), ... Spacehive 858 views. “Crowdfund London…is inspiring a new generation of civic leaders and … HIT YOUR TARGET AND DELIVER YOUR PROJECT: Spacehive uses an all-or-nothing model, so you must hit your target before pledges can be collected. For any additional questions, please contact Spacehive on These things are made by Londoners. The post London Councils Back Spacehive Campaign to Help Boroughs Crowdfund Christmas Lights appeared first on Crowdfund Insider. Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform based in London. Fantastic to see Crowdfund London projects cited as the city's best community-led places to visit.

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